Robotics and ROS 2 – Learn by Doing! Manipulators

 Robotics and ROS 2 - Learn by Doing!  Manipulators


Robotics and ROS 2 – Learn by Doing! Manipulators is a project-based training course on robotics and robot operating system (ROS) version 2, published by Udemy Academy. During this course you will design a mechanical arm. The designed robot will be equipped with various control systems and the user will be able to control the robot by speaking. This course uses practical teaching approaches. These approaches emphasize that learning is an active and interactive process and that we only store in mind things that are of real use while interacting with the environment.

Almost all functions and functions of ROS will be discussed from both theoretical and practical aspects, and this course is one of the best courses available in Udemy. Each of the capabilities of this operating system has a specific use in different robots.

What is in the training course Robotics and ROS 2 – Learn by Doing! Manipulators you will learn:

  • Initial installation of the development environment
  • Basic installation and configuration of Robot Operating System (ROS) and Ubuntu
  • Building the first ROS node
  • ROS Publisher/Subscriber
  • Using digital simulations to design, test and test different capabilities of a robot
  • Digital Twin
  • Building an advanced control system for robot actuators
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Antonio Brandi
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 110
Training duration: 18 hours and 46 minutes

Course headings

Course prerequisites

Basic knowledge of Python or C++
Basic knowledge of Linux
No prior knowledge of ROS or ROS 2 required
No prior knowledge of Robotics theory required
No hardware required. All the course can be followed also using only the PC

Course images

Robotics and ROS 2 course introduction video – Learn by Doing! Manipulators

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