TensorFlow Developer Certificate Bootcamp 2023-6

TensorFlow Developer Certificate in 2021 Zero to Mastery


TensorFlow Developer Certificate in 2023: Zero to Mastery is a TensorFlow training course to acquire skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. The purpose of this course is to teach you all the necessary skills to pass Google’s TensorFlow exam, and as a result, you can use this certificate in your resume. This course has been project oriented and it is not like you will only witness teaching and you will also gain practical experience.

What you will learn in the TensorFlow Developer Certificate in 2023: Zero to Mastery course:

  • Learn to pass Google’s official test for TensorFlow development
  • Building TensorFlow models using machine learning, CNN neural networks and natural language processing
  • Increase your skills in machine learning and deep learning to evaluate your abilities with the help of tests
  • Understanding how to apply machine learning to tools and applications
  • How to build all kinds of machine learning models using the latest TensorFlow 2
  • Building image recognition models, object recognition, text recognition algorithms using deep neural networks and CNN
  • Using real-world images of various shapes and sizes to illustrate the image recognition process and how machine vision works
  • Applying Deep Learning to Time Series Forecasting

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Andrei Neagoie
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 423
Duration: 63 hours and 32 minutes

Course topics:

Course prerequisites:

Mac / Windows / Linux – all operating systems work with this course!

No previous TensorFlow knowledge required. Basic understanding of Machine Learning is helpful


TensorFlow Developer Certificate Bootcamp

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Quality: 720p


The 2021/5 version has increased the number of 70 lessons and 13.5 hours compared to 2021/4.

The 2021/7 version has increased the number of 68 lessons and 12 hours compared to 2021/5.

The 2022/5 version has increased the number of 5 lessons and 10 minutes compared to 2021/7.

In version 2022/5, there were 44 video files that had problems, which have been fixed in the Fixed version. These 44 files can be downloaded separately.

Version 2022/9 compared to 2022/5: The number of courses and the duration of the course have not changed, but the problems of some files have been completely resolved and the HTML files have been added to the course.

Version 2/2023 compared to 2022/9: The number of lessons and duration has increased by 4 minutes.

Version 2023/6 vs. 2023/2: Video 47 was not available in Chapter 12, it was added.

download link

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Download part 2 – 5 GB

Download part 3 – 5 GB

Download part 4-5 GB

Download part 5 – 5 GB

Download part 6 – 5 GB

Download part 7 – 2.39 GB

Password file(s): www.downloadly.ir


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