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Mainframe_ The Complete COBOL Course From Beginner To Expert


Mainframe: The Complete COBOL Course From Beginner To Expert, COBOL training course from beginner to advanced is published by Udemy Academy. If you have prior knowledge of COBOL or if you are completely new to it, you have chosen the right course. This course will teach you COBOL from the beginning to the advanced level. This course has everything you need to master COBOL programming. If you want a career in Mainframe, COBOL is an important skill. This course begins with an introduction to COBOL, its history, and COBOL versions. Data types, structures and clauses of different levels are covered in detail. A complete representation of the execution of a program is shown. How to compile and run a program is easily covered. All 4 parts of COBOL are illustrated, edited, documented and defined. Most programs are coded in front of you as you explain, test, and debug.

What you will learn

  • Run COBOL programs with confidence
  • Develop COBOL programs along the way and by running the program
  • Build strong knowledge in COBOL from beginner to advanced level
  • To be able to successfully pass job interviews in Cobol
  • It is programmed to debug the program and check for any program errors
  • If you have a solid understanding of COBOL, strengthen and expand your COBOL skill set.
  • Redesigning and coding a specific program in different ways
  • This course does not cover VSAM.
  • The course also includes a section on COBOL-DB2 and I have coded some COBOL DB2 programs as well.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone who wants to master COBOL can take this course. It teaches COBOL from scratch to an advanced level
  • If you know about Mainframe, it will be helpful, but if you don’t know what is Mainframe, I have explained about Mainframe in the beginning of the course.
  • Basic TSO/ISPF commands and basic knowledge of JCL would be helpful but not essential
  • This course also contains COBOL DB2 programs at the end of the course, and to code them you should have a basic idea of ​​DDL and DML operations in DB2.

Mainframe course specifications: The Complete COBOL Course From Beginner To Expert

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Sandeep Kumar
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 92
  • Training duration: 9 hours and 30 minutes

Head of the course chapters on 2022-6

Course prerequisites

  • You should have a PC with internet connection
  • If you have a mainframe id then it will be beneficial. I have provided few free tools but they have certain limitations and you cannot practice all the commands and programs in the free tool.
  • You should know the basics of TSO/ISPF and JCL. I have provided few basic TSO/ISPF commands and some amount of JCL as well. If you are not comfortable, you can take my courses on TSO/ISPF and JCL first before taking this course.
  • The Course also contains COBOL DB2 programs towards the end of the course and to code this, you should have a basic idea of ​​the DDL and DML operations in DB2.
  • As basics of TSO/ISPF and JCL is required. If you do not know these topics, I recommend you to enroll for my course on “Mainframe: The Complete TSO/ISPF Course from Beginner to Expert” & “Mainframe: The Complete JCL Course from Beginner to Expert” first and then take this course .


Mainframe_ The Complete COBOL Course From Beginner To Expert

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