The Composition API (Inc Script Setup, TypeScript)

Vue JS 3_ The Composition API (Inc Script Setup, TypeScript)


Vue JS 3: The Composition API (Inc Script Setup, TypeScript), Vue JS 3 training course is published by Udemy Academy. You’ll learn to build a complex real-world application with Composition API, TypeScript, Pinia, and Vue Router by Lachlan Miller, Vue Test Utils Team Lead and Vue.js Team Member. This is an advanced-intermediate course aimed at developers who have basic programming experience with tools such as ES6 JavaScript. We’re up to speed with Vue.js 3 and the new Composition API, introducing all the topics needed to build highly dynamic and complex single-page apps. Unlike other courses, testing and design patterns are embedded in everything we do. In this article, we will examine the new features that Vue.js 3 brings with it. This is an intermediate to advanced course; Some basic programming knowledge is required.

What you will learn

  • Vue js 3
  • Typescript
  • Unit testing
  • Principles of Composition
  • New Reactivity system
  • Design patterns

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Vue 2 developers looking to learn Vue 3
  • Intermediate level developers

Course specifications Vue JS 3: The Composition API (Inc Script Setup, TypeScript)

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Lachlan Miller
  • English language
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • Number of courses: 78
  • Training duration: 6 hours and 12 minutes

Head of the seasons

Course prerequisites

  • Modern JavaScript
  • Some Vue 2 experience will be a plus!


Vue JS 3_ The Composition API (Inc Script Setup, TypeScript)

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