Video Game Creation With Python and Pygame

The Art of Doing: Video Game Creation With Python and Pygame


The Art of Doing: Video Game Creation With Python and Pygame is a training course for designing and developing computer games with the Python programming language and the Pygame library, published by Udemy Academy. Python is a high-level and multi-purpose programming language that has been used in various fields such as data science, server-side development, machine learning and deep learning, artificial intelligence, computer game development, etc., and thousands of libraries and frameworks have been developed based on it. given. After learning the basics of Python, it is possible to develop your learning path in different sectors and industries and gain skills in different fields, including the development of computer games. This training course consists of 7 completely separate and attractive projects, and in each project you will develop an attractive and fun game.

After the end of this course, you will be familiar with the complex and time-consuming process of designing and developing computer games and you will be able to turn your ideas into interesting and fun games. Those interested in Python programming usually have no problem in learning the basics, but they face problems in learning the concepts of object-oriented programming. Adding classes to the code structure is a huge challenge for Python programmers that can only be overcome by looking at practical examples.

What you will learn in The Art of Doing: Video Game Creation With Python and Pygame course:

  • Basic principles of designing and developing attractive and entertaining computer games
  • Turn ideas into games
  • The step-by-step process and steps of computer game development
  • Library basics Pygame
  • Getting to know the concept of inheritanceInheritance) in Python
  • Organized coding with objects and classes in Python
  • Designing and making maps and game environment
  • Image processing with Python
  • Rendering text and text in the game
  • Receiving and managing user inputs and input data
  • Detection of intersections and collisions between different elements in the game
  • Making a mosaic map and designing different levels and stages of the game based on the map
  • Using two-dimensional vectors to create complex motions such as running and jumping in platformer games.
  • Making complex animations for different characters using sprite sheet

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Michael Eramo
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 91
Training duration: 17 hours and 8 minutes

Course topics in 2021/12

Course prerequisites

Basic Python/computer science understanding.

Students should understand basic things like variables, lists, loops, and conditionals as I won’t really spend time teaching these concepts but rather showing how to use them in larger projects.

In the second half of the course we will be switching to using classes extensively. I will spend some time reviewing and teaching the topics of classes and inheritance, but prior knowledge may be helpful.

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The Art of Doing: Video Game Creation With Python and Pygame

Video introducing the course The Art of Doing: Video Game Creation With Python and Pygame

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