Wireless Communication Library Developer VCL Edition Retail / for .NET

The Wireless Communication Library, or WCL for short, is a complete set of tools for adding communication features to applications. Using these components, programmers and software developers can add features such as wireless, Bluetooth, infrared, serial ports, etc. to their applications under the .NET and Delphi environments.

Features and specifications of Wireless Communication Library components :

– Support for all types of profiles and drivers related to Bluetooth technology

– Add the ability to search, connect and disconnect, manage and other items related to WiFi technology

– Support for all types of profiles related to IrDA technology (stands for Infrared Data Association)

– Support Serial Port communication in physical and virtual forms

– Existence of components related to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) communication standard with support for sending SMS

– Has tools related to Wii Remote or WiiMote from Nintendo

– Added compatibility and support with Kinect suite for Microsoft Xbox

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Download VCL version (upgraded)

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