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The set of components of Wireless Communication Library or abbreviated WCL includes complete tools for adding communication facilities to application software. Using these components, programmers and software developers can add features such as wireless, bluetooth, infrared, serial ports, etc. to their programs under .NET and Delphi environments.


Features and features of components Wireless Communication Library :

– Support for various profiles and drivers related to Bluetooth technology

– Adding the possibility of searching, connecting and disconnecting, managing and other things related to WiFi technology

– Support for various profiles related to IrDA (Infrared Data Association) technology

– Supporting Serial Port connection in physical and virtual forms

– The presence of components related to the GSM communication standard (abbreviation of Global System for Mobile Communications) with support for the possibility of sending SMS

– Has tools related to the Wii Remote or WiiMote device from Nintendo

– Adding compatibility and support with the Kinect collection for Xbox from Microsoft



The set of changes made in the Wireless Communication Library from Here Is visible.


Component Tips :

– The Wireless Communication Library for .NET edition is a trial version with a crack and the Wireless Communication Library for VCL edition is a valid serial purchased version.

– The versions presented are the latest full and cracked versions, and newer versions are not released and are rarely released.

– The installation version of VCL is the most complete version, i.e. Developer.

required system


Installation guide

Editing VCL during installation requires a password that is placed in the text file.

Regarding editing WCL for .NET, first install the WCL_NET_DownLoadLy.iR.exe file. Then, by entering cmd in the Start menu, enter the Command Prompt environment and enter the following line and press Enter:

regsvr32 “C:Program FilesWCL.NETwclx.dll” /u

Then copy and replace the files in the Crack folder in the installation location of the component and finally run the following command in the CMD environment:

regsvr32 “C:Program FilesWCL.NETwclx.dll

download link

Download VCL version (updated)

Download the .NET version

Password file(s): www.downloadly.ir


Editing VCL:11.6 MB

NET edit.:1.42 MB

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