You Might Not Need a Framework

Vanilla JS: You Might Not Need a Framework


Vanilla JS: You Might Not Need a Framework, a framework-free JavaScript training course published by Frontend Masters Academy. Gain speed and simplicity in writing web applications with the “Vanilla” approach! See how you can build rich web applications and websites using only the core JavaScript language without dependencies on libraries or frameworks. You will learn basic concepts such as the DOM API, finding and modifying elements in the DOM, and event handling. You will build a real web application called “Coffee Masters” to demonstrate advanced topics such as SPA routing, web components and shadow DOM, and reactive programming with proxies.

What you will learn

  • Finding elements in the DOM
  • Change the DOM
  • Add Scripts async and defer
  • Event binding and handlers
  • Advanced event management
  • Useful methods
  • Request data
  • Browser Routing and History API
  • Changing the content of a DOM element
  • Dynamic routing
  • HTML templates
  • DOM shadow
  • Create web components
  • Create a proxy

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Vanilla JS: You Might Not Need a Framework

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