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ANSYS GAMBIT is a suitable program for the geometrical design of the problem, like AutoCAD, whose output is the input of the software Fluent Is. You can from ANSYS GAMBIT to create your own geometry and create a mesh for it, or to import geometry created by other software. CAD/CAE and make changes and generate mesh on it. software Fluent A numerical calculation software CFD With the science of fluid theory, it is actually a combination of the theory of fluid science and numerical calculation methodComputational Fluid Dynamics Available in Fluent. For example, it investigates and analyzes the laminar flow inside a two-dimensional channel, the analysis of water filling inside a pool, the modeling of water flow in an elbow joint, etc. In order to start simulating and checking, the geometric design of the desired problem is needed as an input to the software Fluent Be considered. ANSYS Fluent is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) computer-aided engineering software for modeling fluid flow and heat transfer in complex geometries. ANSYS Fluent provides full mesh modification and flow analysis with unstructured meshes for complex geometries.

Features and features of ANSYS GAMBIT software:

– Geometric design

– Generation of network to solve the flow

– Tools to check mesh quality

– High quality triangular and quadrilateral mesh production

– Theoretical analysis of fluid sciences

– Proper structure of data and information

– Flexible control of calculations

– Network improvement

– Modeling fluid flow and heat transfer

– Having a useful and practical user environment

Compatibility with Microsoft operating systems

– Problem simulation

– Processing and displaying the results of the problem

– Use of dynamic memory

– Having all kinds of meshes and elements, including tetrahedrons, quadrilaterals, hexagons, pyramids or wedges

ANSYS GAMBIT system requirements

Windows XP / 7 / 8.1


Installation guide

First, install Exceed software and then Gambit (at the end of Gambit installation, uncheck the run client license setup wizard option). Copy the license file to the default path C:Fluent.Inclicense and run Gambit.

The newly placed license has no time limit for use.

The Windows version has been installed and successfully activated using a separate license on October 27, 1400 in Windows 10 64-bit edition (version 21H1); Note that there may be problems with the software performance in new builds of Windows 10.

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Download ANSYS GAMBIT 2.4.6

Download ANSYS GAMBIT 2.4.6 Linux x64

Download Gambit Unlimited License

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