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Practical Go Foundations


Practical Go Foundations, a practical Go programming language course, is published by Udemy Academy. This introductory course explores topics such as strings, REST APIs, error handling, testing, sorting, and more, suitable for engineers new to Go. This course will help you to get familiar with the basic concepts of Go programming language. Through lectures and coding exercises, you’ll learn the core concepts needed to become a successful Go developer. Learning the syntax and semantics of the Go language, how to build and run programs, Go data types, writing functions, using OO and writing concurrent code. Learn to write Go code from scratch. You will become an effective Go developer by solving many real-world problems. Understand the syntax and semantics of the Go language. Learn to build and run programs. Working with Go data types, writing functions, using OO and of course writing concurrent code Also, the engineering behind Go projects – dependency management, testing, registration… learn to

What you will learn

  • You’ll learn how to effectively manage different AWS infrastructure resources—adhering to best practices—while learning concepts that can be applied to other resources, AWS or otherwise.
  • Unicode basics
  • Use the fmt package for formatted output
  • Work with files
  • Error management
  • Use defer to manage resources
  • Data types, control structures
  • Modules: what they are, how to write them.

Practical Go Foundations course specifications

  • Publisher: Ardan Labs
  • teacher : Miki Tebeka
  • English language
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • Number of courses: 16
  • Training duration: 13 hours and 10 minutes

Head of chapters of Practical Go Foundations course

Course prerequisites

  • A basic understanding of the Go programming language.


Practical Go Foundations

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