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Ultimate Go Advanced Engineering


Ultimate Go: Advanced Engineering, the comprehensive Go course, Advanced Engineering, is published by ArdanLabs Academy. Learn advanced Go concepts with a reference implementation of a blockchain in Go. The purpose of this class is to share how to code the complex engineering tasks required to build a blockchain technology. From the very beginning, you will be with the instructor and review the design philosophies and guidelines used to implement the code. During the class, you will get to know more about Go and the advanced engineering features of this language. This course tries to teach the basic design philosophies for blockchain technology. Ideas from Bitcoin and Ethereum are needed to provide a fully functional blockchain that can handle basic accounting transactions.

This project does not implement or provide any virtual machines to support smart contracts. It should be noted that each publicly available blockchain technology works differently for reasons that matter to them. The Ardan Blockchain combines these implementations to provide a reference implementation that is fortunately understandable by the majority of people. This project should not be considered as an operational or sub-project. Of course, the code is written as if this project is to be used as an operational project.

What you will learn

  • Digital accounts with electronic signature and verification
  • Transaction distribution and synchronization between computers

  • Parallel storage of a ledger in different computers

  • Agreement between different computers to process and store new transactions

  • Detection of any fraud in past transactions

Ultimate Go: Advanced Engineering course details

  • Publisher: Ardan Labs
  • teacher : Bill Kennedy
  • English language
  • Training level: advanced
  • Number of courses: 18
  • Training duration: 16 hours and 20 minutes

Head of the seasons

Ultimate Go: Advanced Engineering course prerequisites

  • An intermediate understanding of the Go programming


Ultimate Go Advanced Engineering

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