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Business Strategy Specialization


Business Strategy Specialization, the business strategy specialization course is published by Coursera Academy. This specialization covers both dynamic and global aspects of strategic management. You will learn how to assess industry trends, create and maintain competitive advantage, formulate and evaluate business strategies, and align actions with organizational strategy. In the final project, you will apply your skills by creating a comprehensive strategic analysis for an existing business or venture of your own.

You bring together everything you’ve learned in the foundational courses and apply your knowledge to develop a comprehensive strategic analysis. You analyze the current state of your chosen organization, the strategic issues facing that organization, and the strategic paths it might take. Then you write a recommendation for the best roadmap, and an executive summary. The final project will demonstrate your ability to conduct research within an organization, select and apply the most appropriate analytical tools, build an appropriate supported case for a specific situation, and effectively engage with executive leadership on key issues. You communicate.

What you will learn

  • How to evaluate the evolution of the industry
  • How to create and maintain a competitive advantage
  • How to develop and evaluate business strategies
  • How to align actions with organizational strategy

Business Strategy Specialization course specifications

Chapters of the Business Strategy Specialization course


Foundations of Business Strategy


Advanced Business Strategy


Business Growth Strategy


Strategic Planning and Execution


Business Strategy in Practice (Project-centered Course)

Course prerequisites

  • Some familiarity with business is helpful, but not required.


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This collection includes 5 different courses.

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Course 1 – Foundations of Business Strategy

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Course 3 – Business Growth Strategy

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Course 4 – Strategic Planning and Execution

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Course 5 – Business Strategy in Practice (Project-centered Course)

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