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Astah, formerly known as JUDE, is a powerful software for modeling Unified Modeling Language or UML. Modeling defines your system in such a way that users and people can understand and use your system more easily. From the beginning when you draw the software development map until you develop and calibrate it, this program is with you and helps you. With the help of this program, you can create better software and get more customers.

This program has many features, for example, Astah Professional supports charts, different languages, api, plugins, etc. It is possible to develop a team and graph conversions are also possible. The features of the program are optimized in its new versions and you can use them better. Currently, this program supports all kinds of operating systems under Windows, and it has a small volume compared to the extensive facilities it provides to the user. You only need to download about 200 MB to be able to design a better and more optimized software. The language of this version of the software is English.

Features and features of Astah Professional software:

  • Help in designing and Programming Better software
  • The possibility of team development of the software that you decide to build.
  • Api support, different languages ​​and…
  • Support charts and diagrams for various purposes
  • Support for graphical and statistical transformations
  • Compact, flexible and powerful
  • Support for various plugins

required system

OS: Windows 11, 10 (64bit)

CPU: x64 1.4GHz or better

Drive Space: 400MB and more

Memory: 4GB and more

Java: Adoptium Temurin jdk8u372-b07


Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download Astah Professional 9.1.0 x64

Download Change Vision Astah Professional 8.5.0 x64

Download Change Vision Astah Professional 8.4.1 macOS

Download Change Vision Astah Professional 8.4.0 Linux

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115 MB

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