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In 2003, Dynamsoft started its work in the field of component development for scanning, under the TWAIN standard, as well as tools and solutions in the field of version control. Many companies including HP, IBM, Intel and even Microsoft use the products and solutions of this company. Dynamic Web TWAIN is a TWAIN-based component for scanning and storing SDK files, which are designed specifically for web applications. Dynamic Web TWAIN gives you the power to write just a few lines of code to create a robust application for scanning documents through TWAIN-compliant scanners, editing them, and saving them to a file system.

Dynamic Web TWAIN supports most browsers and can be installed on most operating systems, it is also compatible with JavaScript, JQuery, VBScript, HTML5, HTML coding languages.
ActiveX, Plugins and HTML5 This version provides a convenient image editor for editing and displaying images that supports editors with and without a graphical interface. It can also be used to perform basic image editing operations such as rotating at different angles, cropping, erasing, and resizing the image.
Dynamic Web TWAIN is very reliable and is used by large companies such as Lockheed Martin that require very high security measures.


As mentioned, this product is based on the TWAIN standard and is a full-fledged component for scanning documents on the web. In most organizational programs, such as document archive management programs, this requirement has always been among the demands of users to be able to scan the desired image directly and through only one click and automatically enter it into the program; That is, without the need to scan the image using another program and then browse the scanned file in the web form. This requirement basically means accessing the user’s hardware through the browser, which is not possible for several reasons! The security problems created in this way are very serious.

Also, each browser follows certain standards, for example, in IE, an ActiveX needs to be written for this purpose, and this ActiveX cannot be used in other browsers, and a special plug-in is needed for each of the other browsers, such as Firefox. be written by itself. However, Dynamsoft company has always upgraded this component with more than a decade of activity and fixed all software and hardware bugs and limitations as much as possible, so that its new version has been developed using HTML5 facilities to overcome many limitations. that has existed so far will also be destroyed and provide a complete and perfect product.

All famous browsers support this product. (FireFox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari) As mentioned, this product is developed by HTML5 and JavaScript, and for this reason, it can be used in all web programming languages, including Asp. .Net, PHP, JSP and… took advantage of it. You can set up a web application that scans your documents directly from a hardware (scanner, camera, capture card) that supports TWAIN and saves them on the server.

Features and features of Dynamic Web TWAIN component:

– Compatible with TWAIN specification version 2.1

– Support for two-way scanning mode

– Ability to preview the image

– Ability to adjust image parameters (such as resolution, pixel type, bit depth, brightness, etc.)

– An efficient editor with the ability to select multiple images at the same time, exchange photos, zoom, annotate text, etc.

– Ability to clear selected areas of an image and fill them with color

– Optional storage disk selection mechanism that allows you to scan documents at high resolution (up to thousands of pages)

– Download and upload images via HTTP/HTTPS or FTP/FTPS

– Save and upload files in BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF formats

– Windows authentication system support, for more document security

– The ability to connect to a proxy, without the need to reconfigure the firewall


Tips of Dynamic Web TWAIN tool:

– Online display of the performance of this component Here look.

– The sample codes of this tool are also in Here It can be seen and received.

required system

: Operation Systems

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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! In version 17.2.1, Barcode and BasicOCR add-ons are also enabled.

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