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Data Analysis with Python


Data Analysis with Python is a data analysis training course with Python published by Coursera Academy and International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Python is a high-level and multi-purpose programming language that is used in various industries and technology fields such as web application design, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep, and most importantly, raw data analysis. At the beginning of this training course and before starting the specialized and theoretical topics of data analysis, you will get acquainted with the principles and syntax of the Python programming language, and then you will learn more specialized topics. Among the most important topics of this course are different types of data, data types, preparation of raw and gross data for analysis, data processing, performing simple analytical and statistical operations on different data, visualization of data in semantic graphic formats, forecasting The future trend of a collection of information and… pointed out.

What you will learn in the Data Analysis with Python course:

  • Importing primary and raw datasets and preparing them to start the analysis and processing process
  • Initial sorting and data purification
  • Changing and editing different dataframes
  • Summarization of various data and machine conclusions
  • Building different regression models for machine learning based systems
  • Construction of data pipelines

Course details

Publisher: Coursera
teacher: Joseph Santarcangelo
English language
Provider Institution/University: International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
Education level: introductory
Training duration: about 15 hours

Data Analysis with Python course headings

Week 1

Importing Datasets

Week 2

Data Wrangling

Week 3

Exploratory Data Analysis

Week 4

Model Development

Week 5

Model Evaluation

Week 6

Final Assignment

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