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Introduction to User Experience Design


Introduction to User Experience Design is a user experience design training course from the Coursera Academy, designed by the Georgia Institute of Technology. User experience design or UX is one of the branches of engineering design that puts the user and the end user of the product in the center of attention and all topics and techniques make sense according to the user and his goals. Our goal in user experience design is to design, develop and produce products that meet the user’s needs and expectations as quickly as possible and create a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. This training course will familiarize interested and new people with the cycle of user discovery and evaluation of different user experience design ideas and techniques and will provide them with valuable skills to enter the job market.

User experience design is a systematic and data-driven process, and it is not possible to determine a specific time. After the initial design and launch of the product, feedback should be received from users and troubleshooting and optimization of the final product should be done.

What you will learn in the Introduction to User Experience Design course:

  • The four-step process of user experience design
  • Data collection in different ways and product optimization and troubleshooting
  • Design and development of the initial product model
  • User-centric and data-centric design
  • Evaluation of different plans and ideas

Course details

Publisher: Coursera
teacher: Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga
English language
Presenting Institution/University: Georgia Institute of Technology
Education level: introductory
Training duration: about 6 hours

Introduction to User Experience Design course headings

Week 1


Overview of User Experience Design

Week 2

Requirements Gathering

Week 3

Designing Alternatives

Week 4


Week 5


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