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Deltek Acumen helps improve program quality and manage risk so projects are delivered on schedule and on budget. Monte Carlo simulation can help identify and reduce planning risk and cost and improve outcomes. Deltek Acumen is an integrated cost and schedule risk analysis tool that integrates existing project risk into a highly accurate risk-adjusted forecast. On the one hand, Acumen Risk is incredibly powerful, analyzing thousands of activities in seconds while taking into account scope uncertainty, task complexity, risk events, and opportunities. On the other hand, it is user-friendly and eliminates the statistical and logical complexities of building risk models in large project programs.

With Deltek Acumen, you can adjust schedules according to risk to model impacts, reduce risk and increase certainty of completion. Acumen 360 helps generate reliable scheduling scenarios to identify acceleration opportunities and help choose the best path to optimize project completion.

Acumen Risk helps determine the impact of schedule delays on project cost estimates by modeling schedule and risk-cost relationships. The software uses qualitative risk analysis to identify risks and help evaluate risk mitigation plans to determine the return on investment (ROI) of each step. Acumen 360 identifies acceleration opportunities in a project to help make intelligent decisions on the best path forward.

Features and features of Deltek Acumen software:

  • Supports qualitative risk analysis with uncertainty, risk, risk mitigation or any combination so you can compare results.
  • Acumen Risk easily relates schedule risk to cost risk to determine the impact of schedule delays on project cost estimates
  • Use project risk management to create planned scenarios to feed back into your scheduling tool
  • Contains actionable information in understandable reports that can be implemented at any level of the project
  • Examples include risk quantification by potential event, risk triggers based on activities or events, potential critical path reporting, risk sensitivity (JCL) and executive justification reports.
  • Mitigation measures can be simple or include multiple steps in a risk mitigation plan
  • Risk mitigation analysis looks at each stage of the program and identifies cost savings on a step-by-step basis for better decision making.
  • Use risk drivers to identify risks to mitigate and analyze risk for use in deciding on actual impact steps.
  • Use a powerful acceleration engine to generate scenarios and compare the results and dynamics of projects
  • Calibrate duration by interactively accelerating activities, groups of activities, or the entire project schedule, in real-time.
  • Full customization, including acceleration rates and compression order

required system

No backend database installation required.


  • Operating System:Windows 32-bit
  • CPU: 2 Cores
  • Storage: 300 MB Hard Drive Space
  • memory: 3 GB RAM (32-bit)
  • Graphics: N/A


  • Operating System:Windows 64-bit
  • CPU: 4 Cores
  • Storage: 500 MB Hard Drive Space
  • memory: 8 GB RAM (32-bit)
  • Graphics: Discrete GPU recommended. Older integrated GPU’s will affect performance.


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