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Advanced English Fluency - The Complete Guide


Advanced English Fluency – The Complete Guide, the complete advanced English fluency course is published by Udemy Academy. If you want to speak English fluently, you have chosen the right course. Our comprehensive course will help you speak English with confidence and fluency. In the first part, you will learn more than 120 common idioms in English conversation. Idioms are expressions that have a different meaning than the literal definition of the words used. Mastering these terms will help you communicate more effectively with native English speakers to improve your English conversation skills. The second part of this course is dedicated to compound verbs. Compound verbs are a combination of a verb and a preposition or adverb. In this course, there are more than 220 lv;f verbs that you can use to strengthen your English conversation.

In the third section, you will learn hundreds of compound words, which are groups of words that usually occur together. This will help you improve your English vocabulary and accuracy. When you learn these compound words, English conversation will be very easy for you. Finally, in the fourth part, you will have a lot of English conversation practice through 29 English conversation models. These conversations cover a wide range of topics and help you build your confidence in speaking English fluently.

What you will learn

  • You learn English confidently and fluently
  • You will improve your English conversation skills and fluency
  • You will learn high level English vocabulary
  • You will learn more than 120 idioms and 220 compound verbs and hundreds of compound words
  • Improve your English listening skills so that you can easily understand native speakers.
  • You will improve your English grammar skills

Who is this course suitable for?

  • English students who want to have excellent and fluent English conversation skills

Specifications of Advanced English Fluency course – The Complete Guide

Head of the course seasons on 2023-5

Course prerequisites

  • At least A2-level English


Advanced English Fluency - The Complete Guide

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