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Advanced React Hooks


Advanced React Hooks is a front-end programming course using the React framework published by the Design+Code training academy. In this training course, you will learn about TypeScript programming language, Hook feature in React framework, Contentful API service and Gatsby Cloud, and you will develop a user and practical project together with the instructor. At the end of this training course, you will be somewhat familiar with the technologies used in the modern web and will be ready to learn more complex and specialized topics. Hook is one of the newest features of the React framework, which was added to the software core of this framework in version 16.8. With the help of hooks, you can easily manage the state and lifecycle of various components and elements.

Using the Gatsby framework, programmers are able to create content-oriented static sites and leave all configurations to its intelligent system. Gatsby is a reliable, secure and scalable service and follows the principles of SEO and content optimization for search engines. During the educational process of this course, you will use the Visual Studio Code editor, which is one of the most popular and fastest editors today.

What you will learn in the Advanced React Hooks course:

  • Getting to know the React framework and the Hook feature
  • Site implementation on Gatsby Cloud service
  • Creating content-oriented static websites
  • Layout and implementation of responsive pages
  • Working with styled component and media queries
  • Using hook to implement website animations
  • Creating custom hooks with useState
  • Working with Hooks Libraries and other users’ and programmers’ exclusive hooks
  • Page layout using grid in CSS
  • Creating an array of different components with JSON data
  • Familiarity with content management platforms (CMS)
  • Fetching data using the GraphQL API
  • Using API and filling different components with dynamic information
  • Working with Contentful service and loading data
  • Pass data to child elements
  • Create dynamic pages using Gatsby’s createPages API
  • Sharing common components on different website pages
  • Getting to know the principles of content optimization (SEO) and methods of increasing organic traffic

Course details

Publisher: Design+Code
Instructor: Willie Yam
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 20
Training duration: 5 hours

Course headings

Intro to Advanced React Hooks
Adaptive Layout and Styled Components
Basic Hooks
Custom Hooks
Hooks Libraries
Grid Layout
Static Data
Contentful CMS
Fetch Data with GraphQL
Passing Props
Page Template
Dynamic Pages
Layout Component
Markdown into HTML
Code Highlighting
Context API
Lighthouse Audit
Version Control with Github
Deploy with Gatsby Cloud

Advanced React Hooks course prerequisites

I highly recommend starting your coding journey with Build a web app with React Hooks.

Course images

Advanced React Hooks course introduction video

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