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Build Twitter with React


Reed Barger – Build Twitter with React is a dedicated training course for learning step by step how to build a complete application using React. You’ll make a complete clone of the Twitter web app that will work just like the original.

What you will learn in the Build Twitter with React course:

  • Easy application state management using React Context and Hooks
  • Acquiring skills in authentication using the best methods with React components
  • Add custom functionality with React Hooks
  • Replacing complex state libraries with React Query
  • Secure authentication using cookies and JWT
  • Easy to build REST API using axios and React Query
  • Creating an effective user interface with React applicable on devices with any screen size
  • Configuring a development environment with Netlify

Course details:

Publisher: Reed Barger
teacher: Reed Barger
English language
Number of courses: 48
Duration: 4 hours and 29 minutes

Headlines of Build Twitter with React course:

01. Tools required
02. VSCode setup for React
03. Create Express backend
04. MongoDB Atlas Setup
05. Create React app
06. React app overview
07. api client js Add proxy
08. AppProviders Add React Query Devtools
09.AuthProvider Add useAuthUser App component
10. AuthApp Routes components
11. Signup page
12. Logout button
13. Login page
14. Header BottomNav Links
15. Manage profile modal state
16. Create handle Submit with validation
17. Set up Cloudinary add presets
18. Create functions to upload media
19. Display for new signups handleCloseModal
20. Heading component
21. CreatePost isTextValid handleChange
22. CreatePost handleSubmit
23.Feed useQuery GetPosts
24. PostsList PostItem components
25. UserLink component
26. QuotedPost component
27. ReactionsBar handleLike handleUnlike
28. ReactionsBar handleRetweet handleUnretweet
29. CreatePostModal page
30. PostTag component
31. PostDetail component
32. PostLikes component
33. PostReposts component
34. Add infinite scroll to Feed
35. UserSuggestions component
36. FollowButton component
37. Follow and unfollow users
38. Trends component
39.Explore page
40. Search Results page
41. SearchBar component
42. UserDetail component
43. UserFriends component
44. User Followers component
45. Display notification count Header Bottom Nav
46. ‚Äč‚ÄčNotifications page
47. Read notifications
48. Deploy app to Netlify


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