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English Language Pro | Spoken English Conversation + Culture is a training course on the culture of English-speaking countries and conversation in English, published by Udemy Academy. Speaking fluently in English is a very valuable but difficult and time-consuming skill that can occupy students for hours. In this training course, you will get acquainted with frequently used words and vocabulary, frequently repeated topics and subjects in English language, sarcastic expressions, frequently used sentence structures, etc. and you will gain valuable skills. During the educational process of this course, a set of targeted exercises and tests will be presented to the student. These exercises are completely practical and the user must record his voice or read carefully from written texts.

In this training course, formal English, business English and colloquial English have been given equal attention and valuable points will be taught in each of these areas. The skills learned in this course are completely general and the user can use them in TOEFL, IELTS, etc. international tests. Learning the culture of western countries and especially America has a great impact on the user’s learning process and will familiarize you with many dumb and incomprehensible English points.

What is in the English Language Pro course You will learn Spoken English Conversation + Culture:

  • Commonly used sentence structures in formal and colloquial situations
  • The culture of Western and English-speaking countries, especially the United States of America
  • Speak fluently in English
  • Commonly used words

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: For Your English
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 146
Training duration: 8 hours and 1 minute

Course headings

Course prerequisites

Not recommended for complete beginners

Some adult idioms & expressions may not be suitable for young children

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English Language Pro |  Spoken English Conversation + Culture

English Language Pro course introduction video Spoken English Conversation + Culture

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