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The Responsive Web Design Bootcamp


The Responsive Web Design Bootcamp is a project-based training course for designing responsive websites published by Scrimba Academy. The design and development of responsive websites is a very practical and common approach in the development of web applications that almost all websites follow its principles. Basically, a responsive website is a website that can update certain behaviors depending on different conditions, user inputs and screen size of the system and meet the user’s needs in any situation. Responsive website layout is a relatively specialized matter and you must have some mastery of grid and flexbox in the CSS programming language. Web layout of complex applications and creation of nested elements are among the most important topics covered in this training course.

What you will learn in The Responsive Web Design Bootcamp course:

  • CSS programming language basics
  • Default CSS settings and configuration
  • Different selectors and the subject of prioritization (Specificity) of selectors
  • Best CSS programming approaches
  • Styling and managing texts and fonts in CSS
  • Responsive text and different photos
  • Website layout with flexbox and grid
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment of different elements with each other
  • Media queries and viewports
  • Designing and programming forms and styling its different fields
  • Adding icons to the website and working with the Font Awesome service
  • Adding animation and motion to the website and making interactive and user-friendly websites

Course details

Publisher: Scrimba
teacher: Kevin Powell
English language
Education level: Intermediate
Number of courses: 174
Training duration: 15 hours

Course headings

The Responsive Web Design Bootcamp course prerequisites

Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. You should know how to build simple layouts using those technologies.

Course images

The Responsive Web Design Bootcamp

Sample video of The Responsive Web Design Bootcamp course

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