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FBackup is a suitable software for making backups of system information. This program can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. The graphic interface of this program is designed simply and you can create all kinds of backup profiles in it. For example, you define a profile to backup system videos. Another profile is responsible for backing up your work documents. At the beginning, you spend some time to set up each profile, where is the backup location, which files you want to back up, what is the backup method, whether the backup should be zipped or not. When do you want the backups to be taken, do you want to define a schedule for the backup and other required settings.

As soon as you have prepared your own profiles, you can simply press the F6 key to start the backup operation according to the settings you made. If you have defined a schedule that you don’t have anything to do with the program, it will make a backup on time. You can set a password for sensitive information during backup. In this program, there are two types of backup methods, one that zips the files as usual and saves them in the destination, the other mode is a mirror copy of the information. In this case, even empty folders are copied. In fact, in this case, a mirror copy of the source structure and data is placed in the destination. Another useful feature of this program is the possibility of defining an operation to be executed before or after the backup operation. You can also define several different destinations for backups to increase the security factor. Backing up in cloud services such as Google Drive and backing up files in open mode are also among other features of this software.

required system

Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, XP, 2008/2003 Server (32/64-bit)


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This software is free and has no limitations.

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