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Hot Door CADtools the name of a very useful tool in the field of graphics and working with familiar software Adobe Illustrator is. The set of tools in front of you provides you with a lot of very key capabilities and facilities in the field of dimensions and space. With the help of the tools in this tool package, you will be able to do your desired graphic work well by choosing the point path. In fact, the tools provided in this package allow you to achieve complete management of the scale of your images in your projects.

Hot Door CADtools consists of 10 tool groups. Each of these groups will provide you with special facilities and capabilities. Some of these capabilities include designing, editing, tagging, dimensions, converting, creating, and more, all of which are very important and valuable in doing advanced and complex projects. Also, as long as you use this product, you will have access to a guide called CADguides, which is fully taught how to work.

Also, one of the features and advantages of this collection of Adobe Illustrato software tools is to increase the accuracy of your operation along with your higher speed. Also, this product uses the scale calculator tool for accurate scaling. Finally, with the help of this tool, you will be able to apply your desired changes on your desired works by following the point paths of your images.

Features and features of Hot Door CADtools:

  • Providing practical and efficient Adobe Illustrator tools in specific categories with 10 groups
  • Benefiting from the possibility of passing point paths on your works
  • Full support for two-dimensional design and dimensions in your documents
  • Benefiting from Span dimension tools and boxed text
  • It provides the possibility of accurate scale of your documents with the scale calculator tool
  • Benefit from predefined dimensions by CADshortcuts tool
  • And…

required system

– Requires Adobe Illustrator 2020 (v24) and higher
– CADtools can be used in English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese independent of the OS language setting


Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download Hot Door CADtools 14.2.1 for Adobe Illustrator 2024 (v28)

Download Hot Door CADtools v13.1.0 for Adobe Illustrator 2019-2022

Download Hot Door CADtools 12.1.1 CR2 for Adobe Illustrator macOS

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Windows version: 127 MB

Mac OS version: 164 MB

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