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Introduction to the JAMStack


Introduction to the JAMStack, the JAMStack training course is published by Frontend Masters Academy. Front-end developers have more power and independence to create complete applications because the back-end has moved more towards services. In this course, you’ll learn how the different parts of JAMstack fit together, from building applications that use only static assets to controlling asynchronous interactions with serverless functions. You will also set up advanced features such as authentication and storing and retrieving information from databases, then submit your new site for production.

What you will learn

  • Request data with Fetch
  • Transferring API data to the DOM
  • Deployment on GitHub
  • What are serverless functions?
  • Create and run a serverless function
  • Launch API address
  • Launch Gatsby
  • Create a form component
  • Input status control with hooks
  • Add form modes
  • Sending data to serverless functions
  • Send email with MailGun JS
  • Setting up dashboard pages
  • Handling authenticated situations
  • Protection of private paths
  • Backend setup
  • Transferring data to the user interface
  • Add support for creating data

Description of the Introduction to the JAMStack course

  • Publisher: Frontend Masters
  • teacher : Jason Lengstorf
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 32
  • Training duration: 4 hours and 8 minutes

Introduction to the JAMStack course chapters


Introduction to the JAMStack

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