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DevOps Project: CICD with GitLab Jenkins and Laravel


DevOps Project: CICD with Git GitLab Jenkins and Laravel is the name of the course published by Udemy and in it you will learn everything you need to use Git, GitLab and Laravel.

Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery/Deployment or CICD for short has become a very important part of the software release process these days. This course is designed to meet the needs of web developers and novice DevOps engineers to learn how to use Laravel and the best practices of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD). In this course, topics such as using Git, GitLab, Jenkins to produce and deploy a complete Laravel program and build an efficient CICD pipeline are covered.

What you will learn in the DevOps Project round: CICD with Git, GitLab, Jenkins and Laravel

  • How to deploy Laravel application in production or in any other environment.
  • How to re-deploy the same program using the deploy script and how to design and build an efficient CICD pipeline using GitLab and Jenkins and then with GitLab CI.
  • How to contribute to projects with GitLab. This is a very necessary skill if you are working in a company that has several designers.
  • Creating and using virtual machines (Virtual Machines) on your personal computer to avoid additional costs by cloud services.
  • And …

This course is suitable for people who

  • Curious PHP/Laravel developers who are interested in learning DevOps methodologies.
  • Server Administrators who are eager to apply for DevOps roles.
  • Beginning DevOps Engineers
  • Anyone interested in becoming a DevOps engineer.
  • Anyone who wants to go beyond typing “Hello World!” learn.

Course details

  • Publisher: Yudmi
  • teacher: Dare Soremi
  • Educational level: beginner to advanced
  • Training duration: 4 hours and 48 minutes
  • Number of courses: 82

Course topics DevOps Project: CICD with Git GitLab Jenkins and Laravel on 5/2023

Course prerequisites

  • Interests in the Topic
  • Basic knowledge of Linux Commands
  • Basic knowledge of PHP/Laravel
  • Familiarity with Git Version Control / Source Code Management SCM
  • Windows / Linux / Mac OS X Machine with minimum of 8 GB of RAM
  • Ability to Install Programs and Manipulate Folders on Your Computer

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DevOps Project: CICD with GitLab Jenkins and Laravel

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