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GAMS is a practical software for high-level modeling of mathematical problems, programming and optimization of these solutions. This software is able to solve all kinds of linear and non-linear problems. This software helps users to explore and solve complex problems from different angles and from a high-level perspective. This program is especially useful and efficient for large and high-level issues and issues that have a complex scope.

GAMS can be configured and launched for all kinds of host platforms, including personal computers, workstations, mainframes, and supercomputers.

In this program, complex and multifaceted issues that need to be examined from different points of view can be modeled with high precision and users have the possibility to change the modeling formula in different parts and witness the changes.

It is possible to switch from one solution to another, and it is even possible to convert linear to non-linear problems. This program helps users to focus only on modeling their problem with the many features it provides.

Some features of GAMS:

By automatically performing various tasks such as memory management, processing, storage, input, output, and workflow control, GAMS helps users not to worry about controlling these issues and to have more opportunities to model and analyze issues and review the results. The GSAM programming language is similar to many other programming languages, and people who already know one of the programming languages ​​will easily communicate with this language.

The codes written in this language can be easily documented and various explanations can be provided while writing the code so that the code can be better understood later through these explanations. The solutions provided by GAMS software are completely portable and after the work is completed, the resulting solution can be easily transferred from one system to other systems and implemented.

required system

Windows XP / 7 / 8.1 / 10


Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

In the case of the 32-bit version, start installing the software and at the time of the license request, enter the gamslice.txt file and complete the installation; Before starting the program, drag the date of Windows to before 2005 and then run the program.

The two placed cracks are specially made by Downloadly; Crack 1 is complete in terms of the fullness of the solvers, but the output of the results is not accurate. In Crack 2, which is specially made for version 28.2, some of the solvers are full but not complete.

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Download GAMS 28.2.0 x64

Download GAMS 25.1.3_x64

Download GAMS 25.1.3 x86

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