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Intrepid Geophysics GeoModeller methodology and tools softwareIt is related to three-dimensional geological modeling. GeoModeller uses digital earth models, surface geology production line, cross-sections, geophysical interpretation, and offshore borehole data to generate geology to construct cross-sections or 3D models. 3D geological interaction using all data (interface location, slope, direction, …) represents a 3D implicit function that is a solid model.

GeoModeller is a dedicated software for building complex models, steady state, implicit 3D geological models and performing forward and reverse geophysical modeling.

Features and features of GeoModeller software:

  • 3D calculation of temperature, vertical heat flow and geothermal gradient
  • Providing a wide range of interpolation methods including kriging sweep
  • Two-dimensional modeling of gravity and magnetism characteristics and synthetic seismography
  • 3D thermal and magnetic radiation (separately or jointly)
  • It has a 3D display tool along with a cutting tool, 3D grids and a mesh calculator
  • Advanced 3D modeling for gravity, magnetism (including support), full gradiometry (FTG)

required system

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


Installation guide

After installation, generate the required license of the program using the tool in the Crack folder.

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Download Intrepid Geophysics GeoModeller 2014 v3.2.0 Build 2014-12-01 x64

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