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LeoMoon ParsiNegar is one of the most famous Persian writers for the Windows environment. Some graphic software like Photoshop (Of course, non-Middle Eastern versions) do not allow Persian typing. For this, one must either download the version compatible with the Persian language or write Farsi using Farsi writing software such as Parsinagar. This program is designed very compact and simple, and you will be able to type Farsi easily in most graphics software. After installing the program, a number of Persian fonts will be installed in Windows, and you should only use this font in the desired software.

Using Parsinagar, like other Persian writers, requires simple steps. First, you type your text in the program. You select the desired font and size and then press the copy button. Now, by entering the text in the graphic software and selecting one of the program’s fonts, the result will be displayed correctly. Although this task seems a little difficult, there is no other solution for software that does not have a Persian version. It should be mentioned that this program is not only for Persian language but also for Arabic language. From this program in All Adobe software and other 3D design programs such as 3D Studio Max can be used. The editor of this program has a simple environment and it is also possible to undo the performed operations. You can also use the virtual keyboard of the program to type.

Features and features of LeoMoon ParsiNegar program:

  • Simple graphical environment
  • It has a collection of standard Persian fonts
  • The possibility of Farsi writing in most graphics software
  • Ability to undo operations performed in the editor
  • Virtual keyboard to type words
  • It has easy settings and operation

required system

Compatibility: Windows 7 and later, macOS 10.10 and later


Installation guide

This program is free and has no limitations.

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Download LeoMoon ParsiNegar 2.1.9

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Windows version: 24 MB

Mac version: 35 MB

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