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Next JS with React - Build Personal App (Blogs & Portfolios)


Next JS with React – Build Personal App (Blogs & Portfolios) is a Next JS with React – Build Personal App (Blogs and Portfolios) training course published by Udemy Academy. Build your own app with Next/React JS and Typescript. Blogs, portfolios and search features. No dependence on third parties. Next.js is a React-based framework that provides a simple infrastructure and development experience for static page and server-side rendering applications.

TypeScript is an open source language that builds on JavaScript, one of the most widely used tools in the world, by adding static type definitions. This course includes the creation of a personal application (blogs, portfolios) without the need for third-party dependencies – databases or cms. Create a personal application with Vercel-based search functionality. This course does not explain Next Js/React Js specific functions. This course will give you the confidence and skills to start your own project. You will build a personal app from scratch. You’ll learn how to write code in the Typescript language – a suite of JavaScript that provides additional features and a static type checker. The focus of this course is coding, not writing HTML content. The course begins with the preparation of the basic plan of the program. All design – images and content are provided by the teacher. Once the design is ready, students will work on accessing and retrieving local data stored in markup files. In this section, students will learn to work with the file system – fs package. The content of the files is retrieved as a string of data.

What you will learn in Next JS with React – Build Personal App (Blogs & Portfolios) course:

  • Gain a practical understanding of how to create a personal app.
  • Create a complete portfolio/blog app.
  • Introduce yourself to your content platform.
  • Establish yourself in the exciting Next and React web development environments.

Who is this course suitable for:

  • Anyone interested in how to create locally stored content platform with search feature.
  • People looking for a practical web development guide.
  • This course is for anyone who is eager to learn how to build an app from scratch.

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Basic Next JS knowledge is required.


Next JS with React - Build Personal App (Blogs & Portfolios)

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