Download Shazam Encore 6.1.1-160119 for Android +4.1



Shazam is one of the most popular applications ever produced, with more than 100 million people using it every month to identify songs, get lyrics, and find singers and artists.

Identify the desired music quickly and even share them with your favorite singers. See what great singers around the world use Shazam.

Features of the Shazam Encore app:

  • With Shazam Encore you can identify songs that are playing on TV, radio and other places.
  • Enjoy songs and videos on YouTube.
  • View songs and add them to your playlist.
  • You can even tell your google app to find the song you want.
  • You can see what songs your friends have searched for using Shazam
  • Using Shazam’s visual identification feature, you can even identify books, posters and magazines; Just grab that Shazam logo.
  • Use Shazam all you want! There is no limit.

Shazam Encore 6.1.1-160119 latest changes:

Shazam is now ready for the latest Android version. Android Marshmallow users, you now have more control over which permissions you grant us in the app. You can define what you want to share with us and when – eg our ability to use your microphone for recognition – or use your location to give you better-targeted news content.
If you’re upgrading to Android Marshmallow and have already installed the app, then no need to do anything, the permissions will carry over in this new version.

required system

Android 4.1 and above


Installation guide

Download the placed file, transfer it to your device and install it.

download link

Download Shazam Encore 6.1.1-160119

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4.7/5 – (15645 points)

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