Download Udemy – Data Science Bundle: 180 Hands-On Projects – Course 2 of 3 2023-10

Download Udemy - Data Science Bundle: 180 Hands-On Projects - Course 2 of 3 2023-10

Data Science Bundle Course: 180 Hands-On Projects – Course 2 of 3. Unleash your mastery of data science in this dynamic course! Learn to build and deploy machine learning, AI, NLP models, and more using Python and web frameworks like Flask and Django. Upgrade your projects to the cloud with Heroku, AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Watson and Streamlit. Get ready to turn data into powerful solutions! Enrolling in this course is a transformative decision for several compelling reasons. This dynamic program is carefully designed to take you on a journey from theory to hands-on mastery. In the first phase, you will be introduced to the exciting world of real-world machine learning and data-driven projects, providing you with valuable skills for solving complex problems. Secondly, this course allows you to unleash your data science skills. Not only will you learn to build and deploy machine learning, artificial intelligence, and NLP models, but you’ll also become proficient in Python and web frameworks like Flask and Django. Upgrade your projects to the cloud with Heroku, AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Watson and Streamlit to make your work available to the world. In addition, you will go through the entire project lifecycle, from ideation to deployment, gaining hands-on experience at each stage. By working on real industry-inspired projects, you’ll develop the confidence and skills you need to excel in the real world. In this course, we are going to work on 60 real-world projects listed below:

Data science projects:

Project-1: Development of an artificial intelligence chatbot using GPT-3.5

Project-2: Recognition of American Sign Language with CNN

Project-3: Construction area classification using K-Means and DNN

Project-4: Clustering of COVID-19 research articles using vector embeddings

Project-5: Proposed model and prediction of product performance

Project-6: Production of images with DCGAN architecture

Project-7: Seizure prediction using EEG signals and SVM

Project-8: Music genre classification using spectrometers

Project-9: Diagnosing diseases based on symptoms using transformers and tokenizers

Project-10: summarizing the text with advanced techniques

Project-11: SentimentSense: Sentiment Decoding – Sentiment Analysis of Django App on Heroku

Project-12: AttritionMaster: Navigating the Path of Employee Attrition – Django Program

Project-13: PokeSearch: Legendary Pokemon Quest – Django App Adventure on Heroku

Project-14: FaceFinder: Hiding Hidden Faces – Face Recognition with Streamlit Magic

Project-15: FelineCanine: Pawsitively Classy – Cats Vs Dogs Classification Flask App

Project-16: RevGenius: Predicting Revenue Gems – Predicting customer revenue on Heroku

Project-17: VoiceGender: Vocal Clues Unveiled – Gender Prediction from Voice on Heroku

Project-18: EatSuggest: A Cooking Companion – Restaurant Recommendation System

Project-19: JoyRank: Spreading Happiness – Happiness Ranking App Django on Heroku

Project-20: WildFireWarn: Taming the Inferno – Forest Fire Prediction Django App on Heroku

Project-21: SonicWaveWhisper: Echoes of Prediction – Prediction of sound wave speed using signal processing techniques

Project-22: PressureQuest: Pore Pressure Exploration – Pore Pressure Estimation Using Machine Learning

Project-23: SoundSorcerer: Enchanting Audio Processing – sound processing using ML

Project-24: TextTalker: Revealing Textual Secrets – Text Characterization Using Speech Recognition

Project-25: AudioMaestro: Synchronizing Audio Classifiers – Audio Classification Using Neural Networks

Project-26: VoiceCompanion: Your AI Voice Assistant – Voice Assistant Development

Project-27: SegmentSense: Discovering Customer Segments – Customer Segmentation

Project-28: FIFAPhenom: Goal scoring with FIFA 2019 analysis

Project-29: SentimentWeb: Surfing Web Scraped Sentiment Waves – Sentiment Analysis of Web Scraped Data

Project-30: VinoVirtuoso: unveiling of red wine essence – determination of red vine quality

Project-31: PersonaProbe: Decoding Customer Personas – Customer Persona Analysis

Project-32: LiterateNation: A Journey into India’s Literacy Landscape – An Analysis of Literacy in India

And …

Project-60: Customer Personality Analysis: Marketing and Sales Strategies

Tips: Create a 60 day study plan, spend 1-2 hours a day, make 60 projects in 60 days. The only course you need to become a Data Scientist, get hired and start a new career Note: This course is worth your time and money, sign up now before the offer ends.

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