Download Udemy – Data Science Bundle: 180 Hands-On Projects – Course 3 of 3 2023-10

Download Udemy - Data Science Bundle: 180 Hands-On Projects - Course 3 of 3 2023-10

Data Science Bundle Course: 180 Hands-On Projects – Course 3 of 3. Enroll in this course for an immersive learning experience with compelling benefits. You will gain hands-on experience in hands-on machine learning and data-driven projects. Develop proficiency in Python, Flask, Django and cloud deployments on platforms such as Heroku, AWS, Azure, GCP and Streamlit. This course guides you through the project lifecycle, from ideation to deployment, with a focus on real-world applications. It bridges the gap between data analysis and business strategy, making it suitable for both newcomers and seasoned professionals. With 60 diverse projects, you can build a strong portfolio at your own pace. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your data science career and make a real impact in today’s data-rich world. Sign up now before the offer ends and transform your future. In this course, we are going to work on 60 real-world projects listed below:

Data science projects:

Project-1: CarPricer: Fueling Car Prices – Building a car price prediction application on Heroku

Project-2: LoveCounter: Counting Affairs – Build Affair Count Django App on Heroku

Project-3: ShroomSense: Unveiling Fungal Delights – Building a Shrooming Predictions app on Heroku

Project-4: PlayRater: Play Store Insights – Google Play App Rating Prediction on Heroku

Project-5: BankGuru: Banking on Customer Predictions – Build Bank Customers Predictions App Django on Heroku

Project-6: ArtSculptor: Sculpting Artistic Insights – Build Artist Sculpture Cost Prediction App Django on Heroku

Project-7: MediCost: Healing Insights – Building a Django medical cost forecasting application on Heroku

Project-8: PhishGuard: Web Protection – Categorizing Django Phishing Web Pages on Heroku

Project-9: FashionFit: Fit for Style – Django application size prediction on Heroku

Project-10: TextSim: Uncovering Text Connections – Creating in-text parallelization of a Django application on Heroku

Project-11: ForgeryFinder: Unmasking Pan Card Tampering with AI – Deploy on Heroku

Project-12: BreedRover: Fetching Dog Breeds with Flask Twist

Project-13: AquaMark: Immortizing Images with Watermark Magic – Deploying on Heroku

Project-14: SignSense: Road navigation with traffic sign recognition

Project-15: TextXtract: Unlocking the secrets hidden in images

Project 16: PlantWhisperer: Decoding nature’s language to predict plant diseases

Project-17: AutoTrack: Counting cars and releasing traffic information with Flask

Project-18: FaceSwap Pro: Swap faces and dive into the world of entertainment

Project-19: FeatheredForecast: Forecasting bird species with flask feathers

Project-20: VisualIntel: Investigating visual intelligence with Intel image classification

Project-21: HeartBeatHero: Defending Hearts with Eval ML – Heart Attack Risk Prediction

Project-22: FraudGuardian: Financial protection with Pycaret – Credit card fraud detection

Project-23: SkyHighForecaster: Ascending through fare forecasting – flight rate forecasting

Project-24: FuelProphet: Fueling Future Insights – Gasoline price prediction

Project-25: ChurnSavior: Protecting Customer Loyalty – Predicting Bank Customer Churn

Project-26: AirQInsight: Breathe Easy with TPOT – Air Quality Index Predictor

Project-27: RainMaster: Revealing Rainfall Patterns – Rain Forecasting Using ML and PyCaret Models

Project-28: PizzaCraver: Pizza Price Prediction – Pizza Price Prediction Using ML and EVALML

Project-29: IPLOracle: Unlock Cricket Magic – IPL Cricket Score Prediction Using TPOT

Project-30: BikeRider: Riding through Rentals – Predicting Number of Bike Rentals Using ML and H2O Auto ML

Project-31: Concrete Wizard: Building Strong Foundations – Prediction of Concrete Compressive Strength Using Auto Keras

Project-32: HomePriceWhiz: Navigating the Housing Market – Predicting Bangalore House Prices Using Auto SK Learn

Project-33: Life Saver: Predicting Hospital Outcomes – Predicting hospital mortality using PyCaret

Project-34: CareerPro: Elevating Professional Paths – Evaluating Employees for Promotion Using ML and Eval Auto ML

Project-35: HydraH2O: Thirst Quenching for Drinking Water – Predicting Drinking Water Using ML and H2O Auto ML

Project-36: GameQuest: Unlocking the world of video game sales analytics

Project-37: TicTacToEvolved: A Strategic Battle of Wits – Making a Tic Tac Toe game

And …

Project-60: A deep dive into bank customer acquisition with Power BI

Tips: Create a 60 day study plan, spend 1-2 hours a day, build 60 projects in 60 days. The only course you need to become a Data Scientist, get hired and start a new career Note: This course is worth your time and money, sign up now before the offer ends.

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