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Fixed Income Analytics: Pricing and Risk Management


Fixed Income Analytics: Pricing and Risk Management, fixed income fund analysis training course: pricing and risk management has been published by Yudmi Academy. Fixed income markets are at the center of the modern economy and are arguably the most central and influential markets in the entire financial system. In fact, the interest rate, the most important price in the entire economy, is determined in the bond and money markets. This course, which does not require any prerequisite financial knowledge and with minimal mathematical concepts (business school calculus is sufficient), is suitable for financial professionals who want to take their understanding of fixed income markets to a higher level, and for professionals A few other majors who are interested in learning finance will be helpful.

If you are looking for a part of the capital market to start your financial exploration, the fixed income markets are perfect. In this course, quantitative and accurate pricing techniques of fixed income securities and their risk analysis and management are taught. We will develop techniques for analyzing Treasury bonds, Treasury bills, bonds and repurchase agreements, as well as bonds. More than any other asset class, fixed income securities are exposed to interest rate risks. In addition, the relationship between fixed income assets and interest rates is very difficult. Therefore, by necessity, we will also develop methods for interest rate analysis. We will examine the close relationship between fixed income instruments and interest rates and examine the main theories of interest rate term structure.

What you will learn

  • General structure of global money and bond markets
  • Pricing, yield, accumulated profit and daily contracts
  • Arbitrage and the time value of money as key principles underlying security valuation, and how they can be used to price fixed income securities.
  • The interest rate structure, its applications and the accepted theories of the factors that shape it
  • Classical risk measures of fixed income securities: duration, DV01, convexity and their applications for risk management
  • Trading applications: yield curve riding and rate level trading
  • Securitization and applications in asset/liability management

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Technical professionals who want to learn finance
  • Financial professionals who want to improve their quantitative skills and learn how to analyze fixed income securities

Specifics of the Fixed Income Analytics: Pricing and Risk Management course

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Cameron Connell
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 74
  • Training duration: 18 hours and 35 minutes

Chapters of Fixed Income Analytics: Pricing and Risk Management course

Course prerequisites

  • High school math and calculus at a business school level
  • No knowledge of finance is assumed


Fixed Income Analytics: Pricing and Risk Management

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