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React Front To Back 2022


React Front To Back 2022 is a project-oriented and zero-to-one hundred React framework training course published by Udemy Academy. The instructor of this course, Brad Traversy, is one of the most well-known programmers and a well-known instructor on YouTube and has more than 2 million active users. This training course is completely project-oriented and the user will participate step by step with the instructor in the design and development process of three real projects. The first experimental project of this course has been selected and planned so that the instructor can explain the basic topics of React such as components, hooks, props, state, etc. during the coding process. The first project is a simple survey and scoring application. The second project is a simple search engine for finding different projects on GitHub, which is completely specialized and one-sidedly focused on API and receiving data from different APIs.

In the third part of this training course, you will develop a large and completely real application that is active in the field of renting and buying and selling property and houses. In addition to React, you will also use Firebase version 9 to build this application. This application is equipped with various features such as authentication system and management of users’ entry and exit, file and photo storage, etc., and it is relatively an advanced and professional application. According to the teacher, in the future, new projects will be added to the total of three current projects.

What you will learn in the React Front To Back 2022 course:

  • Getting to know the basics of the React framework, such as components, props, hooks, etc.
  • Different types of hooks such as useState, useEffect, useContext, useReducer, useRef and…
  • Making exclusive and personalized hooks
  • Working with React Router version 6 (React Router)
  • Management and access to global state with context, reducers and hook
  • Working with Firebase version 9 and implementing the authentication section, file storage, etc. in the web application
  • Final implementation of applications in Vercel and Netlify services
  • Working with Framer Motion library and creating beautiful animations for website
  • Implementation of the map on the website using the Leaflet library
  • Create beautiful and responsive sliders with the Swiper library

Course details

Publisher: Yodmi
teacher: Brad Traversy
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 151
Training duration: 19 hours and 55 minutes

Course headings

React Front To Back 2022 course prerequisites

You should know JavasScript pretty well before learning React or any framework

Course images

React Front To Back 2022

React Front To Back 2022 course introduction video

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The 2022/1 version has increased the number of 37 lessons (4 sections) and the duration of 5 hours and 43 minutes compared to 2021/12.

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