Download Ultimate Wolf Simulator 1.0.1 for Android +2.3

Ultimate Wolf Simulator


Jump into a new wild wolf adventure in Ultimate Wolf Simulator! Survive in the vast world of the desert where you will face new dangers. Recruiting, raising, and customizing your wolf, hunting prey and fighting for your life against other wild animals of the desert and forest are just a part of Ultimate Wolf Simulator, which will provide you with hours of fun.

Features of Ultimate Wolf Simulator:

  • REALISTIC SIMULATOR – You need to maintain health and satisfy hunger and thirst and energy to survive in this wild environment.
  • NEW TOUCH-BASED CONTROLS – Smooth and easy-to-play control will give you a unique experience.
  • HD GRAPHICS – Very high and HD graphics for designing environments and animals
  • GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE – Receive game updates for free and without any ads or costs
  • EPIC FIGHTS – epic fights with other wild animals of the wilderness and jungle
  • BUILD YOUR WOLFPACK – Forming a group of wolves
  • BREED WOLF PUPS – Nurse your pups and watch them grow

Changes in the latest version of Ultimate Wolf Simulator 1.0.1:

1.1.2 – IMPROVED- Desensitized Joystick Turning

1.1.1 – FIXED Water Levels

Fixed Ragdoll Effect for defeated animals

Fixed terrain to no longer show as white on some devices

No more pack members falling through the floor

Animals fleeing from a fight are 20% slower

Mates now regain health when not fighting

No more animals coming back to life

Night time 10% brighter

Optimized performance

EXTRA Optimized LOW Quality settings

Leveling is 5% faster

You can find the description of this program on Google Play Here view

required system

Android 2.3 and up


Installation guide

If there is an error in the installation, first delete the previous version and then install the new version.

download link

Download Ultimate Wolf Simulator 1.0.1

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