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Learn React Today


Learn React Today is a React training course and all its modern features such as hooks and context in less than a day. While there are plenty of React training courses out there that you can choose from, none compare to this one. Instead of focusing on writing code and building a big project, this course focuses on learning React and the meaning and concept of the code you write.

What you will learn in the Learn React Today course:

  • A deep understanding of how React works
  • How to build React components and connect them to build a complete application
  • Working with React hooks
  • React components and state management in a complete application
  • How to stabilize state using local memory
  • The best ways and methods of using React and JavaScript to build scalable applications
  • Integration and development of a React application
  • Different tactics for communicating between React components

Course details

Publisher: Web Dev Simplified (webdevsimplified
Instructors: Kyle Cook
English language
Number of courses: 23
Duration: 4 hours

Course topics:

Introduction And Setup

01 – Course Introduction
02 – What Is React

Project One – Counter Application

03 – Environment Setup
04 – JSX
05 – Class Component
06 – Function Component
07 – Context
08 – Continuous Deployment

Project Two – Cooking With React Application

09 – Project 2 Preview
10 – Component Breakdown and JSX Recipe
11 – Ingredient JSX
12 – Recipe List CSS
13- Finish Recipe and Ingredient CSS
14 – Recipe Add and Delete Button Interactivity
15 – Recipe Add and Delete Button Context
16 – UseEffect Hook and LocalStorage
17 – RecipeEdit JSX
18 – RecipeEdit CSS
19 – Selected Recipe State and Recipe Edit Values
20 – Recipe Edit Input Interactivity
21 – Finish Cooking With React Application

Conclusion And Wrap Up

22 – Code Review and Best Practices
23 – Further Project Ideas and Closing Thoughts

Course prerequisites:


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