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React with TypeScript


UIDev – React with TypeScript is a React with TypeScript training course. All courses provided by UIDev use a proven structure that is optimized to convey fundamental knowledge, not just learning concepts.

What you will learn in the UIDev – React with TypeScript course:

  • Setting up TypeScript to work with React
  • Familiarity with React components
  • How to work with React Hooks
  • Working with React Props
  • The quality and application of Refs
  • Building a project: TypeScript Conversion

Course details

Publisher: UIDev (UI.Dev)
English language
Number of courses: 30
Duration: 2 hours

Course topics:


Introduction, Philosophy, and Tips (2:08)

Configuring TypeScript for React

Configuring TypeScript for React (4:06)

Annotating Components

Class Components (3:11)
(Practice) Annotating Components (1:00)
(Solution) Annotating Components (3:56)
Function Components (3:05)

Built-in React Types

Component and Element Types (5:18)
(Bonus) Intrinsic Elements (5:16)


useState & useReducer (7:27)
(Practice) useReducer (1:12)
(Solution) useReducer (4:55)
useEffect, useMemo, useCallback (4:08)

Typing Props

Common Props Patterns (3:44)
Event Handlers (5:02)
Advanced Props Patterns (8:38)
(Bonus) PropTypes (3:38)
(Practice) Props (0:44)
(Solution) Props (4:17)


Context (4:17)



Project: TypeScript Conversion

(Project) Introduction (1:30)
(Project) TypeScript Configuration (4:08)
(Project) API (6:42)
(Project) Hooks, Context, Tooltip (3:27)
(Project) Battle (4:22)
(Project) Card, Nav, Loading (2:42)
(Project) Popular (9:19)
(Project) Results (7:28)
What’s Next? (1:20)

Course prerequisites:

A fundamental understanding of JavaScript or familiarity with another programming language. For example, you should be comfortable with functions, arguments, loops, control flow, etc. If you want to jump straight in to the React courses, we recommend having a stronger knowledge of JavaScript, which you can get from our JavaScript courses if you’re unsure.


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