UIDEV – Redux – UIDEV – Redux 2020-8

UIDEV – Redux


UIDEV – Redux is a Redux training course. All courses provided by UIDev use a proven structure that is optimized to convey fundamental knowledge, not just learning concepts.

What you will learn in the UIDEV – Redux course:

  • Basics of working with Redux
  • Working with the Store and building it
  • User interface design
  • Familiarity with Redux Middleware
  • Working with React and Redux together
  • Using the react-redux library

Course details

Publisher: UIDev (UI.Dev)
English language
Number of courses: 66
Duration: 6 hours and 20 minutes

Course topics:


1 Introduction Philosophy and Tips

The Store

2 What is the Store
3 Project Create Store Getting the State
4 Project Create Store Listening to Changes
5 Project Create Store Updating the State
6 Project The Reducer Function
7 Project Create Store Dispatching Changes
8 Project Handling more Actions
9 Project Combining Reducers
10 Project Leveraging Constants
11 Project Action Creators
12 Review The Store Actions and Reducers


13 Project App Scaffolding
14 Project Basic UI
15 Project Dispatching New Items
16 Project Subscribing for UI Updates
17 Project Dispatching to Remove Items
18 Project This is Redux
19 Review UI


20 Project Customizing Dispatch
21 Project Utilizing Redux Middleware
22 Project Logger Middleware

Redux and React

23 Project Adding in React
24 Project Dispatching Everything with React
25 Project Dispatching Goals with React
26 Project Lists with React and Redux
27 Project Toggling UI with Redux

Async Redux

28 Project Handling Initial Data
29 Project Loading States with Redux
30 Project Optimistically Deleting Items
31 Project Optimistically Toggling Todos
32 Project Persisting Items
33 Project Custom Thunk
34 Project Thunkify Goals
35 Project Thunkify Todos
36 Project Thunkify Initial Data
37 Project Redux Thunk Middleware


38 Downsides of React and Redux
39 Reacts Context API
40 Project Utilizing Context
41 Project Connecting Components to the Redux Store
42 Project Implementing connect
43 Project Using ReactRedux

Folder Structure

44 Project Redux Folder Structure Create React App
45 Project Redux Folder Structure Actions
46 Project Redux Folder Structure Reducers
47 Project Redux Folder Structure Middleware
48 Project Redux Folder Structure Components
49 Project Redux Folder Structure The Store


50 Why React Hooks
51 Project Refactor

Real World Redux

52 Project Introduction to Polls
53 Project Starter Code
54 Project Authorized User
55 Project Users
56 Project Loading
57 Project Polls
58 Project Answers
59 Project Shared
60 Project Logger
61 Project Leaderboard
62 Project Dashboard
63 Project Add Poll
64 Project Routes
65 Project Poll

Next Steps

66 Next Steps

Course prerequisites:

A fundamental understanding of JavaScript or familiarity with another programming language. For example, you should be comfortable with functions, arguments, loops, control flow, etc. If you want to jump straight in to the React courses, we recommend having a stronger knowledge of JavaScript, which you can get from our JavaScript courses if you’re unsure.


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